Visual Communications

My 25th MIT Reunion Prezi

My 25th MIT Reunion Prezi

A few weeks ago I spoke at my 25th b-school reunion.  The topic was no surprise to anyone who knows me: Visual Communications.  In developing the presentation, I realized it was MIT where I first experienced the unique interdisciplinary mix that I would eventually come to associate with visual communications: technology, mathematics, design, and linguistics.

I still remember my first visit to MIT as a 24-yr-old Sloan candidate attending a system dynamics lecture.  It felt right.  I didn’t get it then, but after 10 years at SGI and now 3.5 at Prezi, I finally put together the pieces.  Who knows—now that I understand this obsession a bit better, maybe I can take it to the next level.

Below are links to my prezi and the video of my presenting this prezi at my reunion.


Video (mid-page Videos tab, 6th video down)


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