Bridge Budapest

Bridge Budapest Motto

Bridge Budapest’s motto

Budapest is a city of bridges.  The most remarkable—the Chain Bridge (featured in cover design of this blog)—is an iconic landmark that, like the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower, identifies the city in tourism adverts as well as in Budapestians’ esteem.

The Chain Bridge has also become a national metaphor.  In the hallowed words of Wikipedia, it is a “symbol of advancement, national awakening, and the linkage between East and West.”

It is no wonder than that the founders of four of Hungary’s most prominent companies (Prezi, Ustream, LogMeIn, NNG) chose a bridge metaphor when they co-founded their foundation, Bridge Budapest, to foster Hungarian entrepreneurship.

Last year, I had the pleasure of working directly with one of the first Bridge Budapest fellows.  Petér Ungvári was then a 19-yr-old Chemical Engineering student from a small town in Hungary who, in his spare time, dabbled in photography and video production.  We flew him to San Francisco (first plane ride; first trip outside of Hungary) for an internship, where among other things, he created this promotional video for us and this video about his fellowship experience.

This experience inspired Petér to become a freelancer specializing in brand development (logo design, video production, etc.).  When Petér describes his Bridge Budapest fellowship, he says that, “It encouraged me not to fear failure,”—a core tenet of entrepreneurship.


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