Prezi Joins Obama’s ConnectED Initiative

Prezi CEO, Peter Arvai, and President Obama

Prezi CEO, Peter Arvai, and President Obama

Big doin’s at Prezi this week.  Our CEO, Peter Arvai, flew to DC for President Obama’s announcement of our participation in his ConnectED initiative.

Prezi has always been strong in education.  It’s one of the few tools that spans the gamut of education from primary to higher ed.  Students like Prezi’s visual, creative space where they can interact and collaborate with one another.  Educators have adopted Prezi as an innovative pedagogic tool that enables them to zoom out to reveal the overview of a complex topic and then back in to study the details.

Due to this broad appeal, Prezi is transforming education in academia as well as corporate training.  And because Prezi is an online medium, it overcomes traditional classroom limitations, extending the educator’s reach worldwide.  An example of this is the below Astronomy Masterclass by U.K. high school teacher, Andrew Jackson (yes,  like 7th U.S. president. Great name for a teacher—well, maybe not in the U.K.).

Andrew Jackson's Astronomy Masterclass

Andrew Jackson’s Astronomy Masterclass

In 2011, this prezi helped persuade TES, the world’s largest online network of teachers, to award Jackson the “Outstanding Teaching Resource of the Year.”  In 2013, after Prezi introduced audio functionality, Jackson added a voiceover to his masterclass prezi, which now has over 130,000 views.

Back to this week’s announcement.  It’s inspiring to work for a company that supports a landmark initiative like ConnectED.  And it’s awesome to hear Obama thank Prezi from the White House podium (1.59).

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