With this last post of 2009, I’ve met my blogging goal: at least one post a week for a year. I still ponder whether or not this has been a worthwhile experiement—if the while spent writing these posts is worth the satisfaction of either me or my scant readership. If nothing else, I’ve a compliation of musings for a year which has been not only pivotal for me, but for many of my family and friends, and indeed much of the world.


The title of this blog, Amphony, is misleading. Amphony is not an audio phonics concept or technology (although after spending much of the last two weeks in the airport, it is tempting to imbue meaning to into this made-up word: amplified cacophony). No, Amphony is the name that my excited or frustrated six-year-old nephew uses to call his brother, Anthony, when fratenal tensions run high. The A is pitched and elongated—AAAmphony. It’s so darned cute.


Like many couples, Nick and I split the holiday between our families. For Christmas, we went to Maine, and for New Years, we’re in Texas (well, I am. Nick’s flight was just cancelled and he’s flying in tomorrow). Manipulating our schedules to accomodate these two trips was a bear and holiday travel a quagmire, but when family duty calls …


Soon after we arrved in Maine, Tristan shouted his first, “Amphony,” an instant reminder that family was not a just a duty, but an all-consuming one. The next two days were filled with gift wrapping and unwrapping, puzzle and LEGO building, Sorry! playing, chocolate milk drinking, grilled cheese eating, bedtime Grinch reading, sledding, and ice skating. For possibly the first time in 2009, I was consumed with something other than work or wrting. It felt good—very good.

Ice Skating

Now, in Dallas, I watch another nephew, Zachary, ply golf on his Wii. I am taking a break after an embarassing attempt to play tennis with him.


While the quagmire of holiday travel has not been forggen (or completed, for that matter), the worth is clear.

Happy New Year!


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