The Company Holiday Party: Boon or Doggle?

Pie Digital's 2009 Comapny Holiday Party

During difficult economic times such as these, it’s easy to cut the holiday party as an unnecessary expense. Given the diversity of religious practices in most companies, it’s been watered down to a non-event anyway. Why not just save a few $.

For the second consecutive year, my company Pie Digital held its holiday party at my house (thereby saving the biggest expense of the holiday party). Unruly hair was shorn and festive vests and vintage ties of red and green were donned. Jeans gave way to Pucci prints. It was a clear, warm December night, enabling the party to spill onto the deck. With the panorama of downtown San Francisco spread wide before us, glasses clinked and closet smokers smoked. Above the din the city, laughter resounded. We celebrated the progress of 2009, but focused on the possibility of 2010. This was not a non-event—it was most definitely a boon.


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