The West Coast Tour


11/12 Books Inc. Reading Announcement

Last Thursday  I began my west coast book tour for latest novel, Ere I Saw Elba. An hour later, the tour was over. This one and only reading was hosted by the Books, Inc. on Market Street—a wonderful Bay Area independent bookstore. I had primed all online PR avenues and attempted to secure offline PR as well. Still, all 30+ people who showed up had heard about the reading through my Evite.

I’ve blogged this before and I’ll blog it again. As a POD author, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to attract a significant readership for your book. There are many reasons for this:

  1. There are fewer readers than there used to be
  2. There are more books than there used to be
  3. You are an unknown author who has no credible publishing house backing you

Should this stop you form heading down the POD-publishing path? Absolutely not! There are many very good reasons to publish via POD. For example, supporting a local independent bookstore and convincing them to host a reading that, though it may only be attended by your family and friends, allows you to establish yourself as a published author. It’s a great feeling that gives you the momentum you need to move forward and write the next book (don’t worry Nick, I will keep my promise and not start I before ì for another year—well, actually ten months and counting. I’ve certainly other things to keep me busy between now and then).

Thank you Ken, Rick, Amadeus (great name, huh?), and the rest of the Books, Inc. staff for making my west coast book tour such a wonderful experience (had I only followed my own advice and practiced what I was going to read, I may have been able to get through the reading without flubbing a gazillion times. Oh well).


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