Falling Back to Spring Forward



Morgan Manifacier

Yesterday we fell back, ending six months of daylight savings time. For many, this signals the time for rest and rejuvenation. For entrepreneurs, it is the opposite. We hunker down and innovate. Could be we’re born night owls or maybe the reason is more biological in nature—the quickening of dusk triggers in us some primordial urge to create. One data point that supports this theory comes from the CDC which reveals July, August and September as the US’s top three months for birthing babies. That means that October, November and December are inspired months for the procreating entrepreneur. Biological or not, I would be willing to bet that much of this world’s creation is skewed toward the darker months. Not sure how to verify this but it’s just a hunch. On this year-end creation note, good luck to all those burgeoning authors who just started NaNoWriMo.


RE: the photo accompanying this blog, it’s singer-songwriter Morgan Manifacier at a brunch at our house yesterday singing a song he created on the fly … a mere twelve hours after the end of daylight savings time. I’m just saying.


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