A Summit Beneath Summits

Pie Digital co-founder Jeff Hansen (2nd from left) on a panel in last week's Digital Home Summit

Pie Digital co-founder Jeff Hansen (2nd from left) on a panel in last week's Digital Home Summit

Exactly a week ago, I was in Boulder enjoying a mid-afternoon stroll alongside Boulder creek, the beautiful Rockies looming through the trees. A beautiful town, Boulder. I was there for the Digital Home Summit hosted by our Series A lead VC, Foundry Group, for their portfolio companies that fall into their “Digital Life” investment theme. A good informative time was had by all. There is something about the shelter of a parent VC’s umbrella that results in more honest and specific disclosure of the trials, tribulations, and opportunities we entrepreneurs face as we build our companies in these turbulent times.

In addition to its portfolio companies, Foundry Group also invited other companies, investors and influencers involved in shaping the future of the digital home. In one fascinating panel hosted by Stewart Alsop (partner of Alsop-Louie and longtime Digital Home investor), John MacFarlane (Founder/CEO of Sonos, Inc.) and Blake Krikorian (co-Founder of Sling Media) discussed how networked audio and video would impact the evolution of the home network. One thing is for sure—the growing reliance on the home network will result in increasing opportunities for home IT service. This is very good news for my company, Pie Digital, for we promise to make home networking easy as Pie!

Now, I must end this blog because my home network just died—I’m not kidding—and I must go power cycle my router and hope that does the trick. If it doesn’t, I’ve at least an hour on hold with some customer service or another to troubleshoot the problem. I’m sure many of you have experienced similar techno-frustration with your home networks. I, for one, can’t wait until I can purchase the Pie service.


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