If Christ won the Nobel Peace Prize, . . .

Jesus Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

Would Christ win the Nobel Peace Prize?

If Christ won the Nobel Peace Prize, would he be criticized for being:

  1. Too far left (his primary critic agreeing with the Pharisees that his hippy-dippy long hair and his feed-the-hungry welfare program had to go).
  2. Doomed to crucifixion, like another ineffective rabble rouser who came before him.
  3. Undeserved vis-à-vis the Zealots who campaigned against him.
  4. An “affirmative action” choice (given that, according to most Western art, he was miraculously born white in brown-skinned part of the world).
  5. Too young and inexperiencedbarely in his thirtiesto have achieved any tangible impact.
  6. Sloppy seconds to another Middle East fanatic.
  7. The “suicide bomb” that ruined the award for future prophets.
  8. A fake pacifist, turning the other cheek just to get the nomination.

He would if he were a democratic. See Huffington Post’s “8 Most Outrageous Attacks on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize”


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