The First Review

First published Interview re: Ere I Saw Elba

First Published "Ere I Saw Elba" Interview

The first review is an anxiety provoking moment for both entrepreneur or author. No matter how long you’ve worked on your product or novel; no how many advisors or readers you’ve had previewed it; no matter how many testing or editorial cycles you’ve been through; it’s nothing compare to the first non-biased, external review of the real deal—i.e. working code, rather than a demo, or a completed manuscript, rather than a synopsis or excerpt.

My last week was fraught with such first review anxiety.

In light of such heightened anticipation, it is therefore rewarding when one’s first review is a thoughtful analysis that explores the artistry of the product or manuscript at hand—when your reviewer not only examines the externalities of the product/manuscript but understands the complexities of the design, code, structure and plot before him.

Last week GLBT e-portal EDGE published the first written interview with me about my new novel, Ere I Saw Elba. It’s the kind of interview that an author hopes for. Reviewer Kilian Melloy chose not to simply scratch the surface but rather to dig deep.

Below is an excerpted question from this interview:

  • [A] main theme of “Ere I Saw Elba” is clothing and fashion. From the first, clothing provides a shield for Brigitte, and a means to maintaining dignity; but clothing, even highly fashionable clothing, can also function as a barrier to intimacy. Fashion seems the perfect metaphor for Brigitte’s psyche and the emotional layers and barriers she has put in place.

This is a question an author loves to answer. It’s a question that not only assuages but motivates as well. Last week was full of such questions and now I/we am/are energized for the weeks and months ahead.


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