Perseverance or Blinders?

Reality or Hindsight?

Reality or Hindsight?

After six long years (most of those without pay) working to get my company off the ground, I’m still not sure if I know the difference between perseverance and blinders. Maybe there is none. When John, Jeff, and I first began to pitch the business plan for Pie Digital (a home IT service delivery platform), we were told time and time again that people would never pay for home IT service. Our argument was simple: any time that a product or service goes from being a luxury to an essential, there is a service model that follows. Furthermore, we said that the:

  1. Growing dependence on home networks
  2. Level of “techno-frustration” experienced by the average consumer simply to install and maintain their home networks
  3. Exponential growth in networkable products being introduced into the market

= an undisputable business opportunity.

Alas, it was disputed … over and over and over again.

Why didn’t we give up? I’m still note sure. Certainly I asked myself every time I decided to take yet one more home equity line to keep myself afloat. My friends and family stopped asking. As did Nick (my partner–life, not business). They didn’t stop asking because they were certain of my success; they stopped asking because my answer was always the same: just one more month; just one more week; just one more pitch.

In reflection, I believe that we didn’t give up because of one part slippery slope and three parts responsibility:

  1. Responsibility to each other
  2. Responsibility to our seed investors
  3. Responsibility to The Idea

We did eventually find the ideal investment partners (Foundry Group + T-Ventures), and now we’re on our way. Was it perseverance or blinders? Both, plus a great deal of luck.

And with that final nugget, I have finally completed blogging all twenty Entrepreneurial Reluctance and e-Publishing Reticence lessons that I laid out in my Top 10s blog post. Those posts are all listed below.

What now? I’m sure I’ll find other things to blog about. Given that I’m publishing my new novel, Ere I Saw Elba, in two weeks, and given that my company, Pie Digital, has a pretty intense few months ahead, I’m sure I’ll find something to say.

Entrepreneurial Reluctance

1. The Catalyst(s)
2. Good $ vs. Bad $
3. Risk Reduction
4. The Network Effect
5. Been There, Done That: The Serial Entrepreneur
6. The New New Thing
7. Emergence & Maslow
8. The Analogy of the Watch
9. Founder Skills and Dynamics
10. Perseverance or Blinders

e-Publishing Reticence

1. False Deadlines
2. Readers & Editrs
3. Genre Opportunities
4. Target Marketing
5. Self-Promotion
6. Creating you Literary Brand
7. The Indie-zation of Literature
8. The Placenta Effect
9. Amazon Ranking
10. The Book Tour


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