Amazon Sale Rank Lore

What Author Wouldn't Love this Rank?

What Author Wouldn't Love this Rank?

What author doesn’t want to crack the top 10 at least for a day? How do you do this? Get everyone you know to buy your newly published book through Amazon on a particular day and then throughout the day in question, periodically review your Amazon listing and see how the rank changes. How do you interpret your rank? The algorithm is as secret as the formula for Coke but there is much speculation.

Is it worth it? Is the lore true that an Amazon ranking spike will spawn other viral PR: reviews, agent inquiries, publishing contracts. Doubtful.

For my last book, I broke 100, but not 10. In the end, did it impact the overall sales of the book. Doubtful. As I near the publishing date for my next novel, I ask myself, do I really want to put my family and friends through this fire drill again? Without any proof of an effect, it’s quite juvenile. But then, it sure felt good.


Below is a full list of Entrepreneurial Reluctance/e-Publishing Reticence lessons from my Top 10s blog post.

Entrepreneurial Reluctance

1. The Catalyst(s)
2. Good $ vs. Bad $
3. Risk Reduction
4. The Network Effect
5. Been There, Done That: The Serial Entrepreneur
6. The New New Thing
7. Emergence & Maslow
8. The Analogy of the Watch
9. A Clean Cap Table
10. Perseverance or Blinders

e-Publishing Reticence

1. False Deadlines
2. Readers & Editrs
3. Genre Opportunities
4. Target Marketing
5. Self-Promotion
6. Creating you Literary Brand
7. The Indie-zation of Literature
8. The Placenta Effect
9. Amazon Ranking
10. The Book Tour


2 thoughts on “Amazon Sale Rank Lore

  1. Personally, I loved your employment of Evite to rise through the ranks of Google. I thought it was brilliant and stand at the ready to buy EISE on the appointed day, despite their recent bad behavior.

    Interesting topic, this whole Amazon ranking thing. You’re not the only one blogging about it lately. There’s been some homophobic scandal, you know.

    Check out Holt Uncensored’s take on it:

    And don’t miss the saga as told by Minal Hajratwala:

    Lilith Saintcrow covered it too:

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