The Placenta Effect

The Placenta Effect

The Placenta Effect

One of my readers reminded me that I had not yet completed my Top 10 lessons as a reluctant entrepreneur and reticent e-author. I admit—I’ve been distracted by the placenta.

Two weeks ago I veered from my blog plan to post a blog about seeing my first C-Section. Suddenly, my readership (or rather viewership) increased tenfold. Curious, I followed this with another post about my partner Nick’s OB/GYN profession. I was astounded by the response. And yet I did not start this blog to be an armchair gynecological essayist (though there is much fodder here). I was suddenly reminded 1983 New York Post article Headless Body in a Topless Bar that has been credited for the birth of modern-day tabloid sensationalism. You publish such a headline; your readership skyrockets; and so you publish another. What is viral marketing but sensationalism by another name?

As I ponder this question, I look to my blog plan and see I that I am to write about how e-authors can leverage the network effect to broaden social readership and advocacy for their e-published work. What a coinkydink, even more so as I am actively engaged in viral marketing efforts for my new novel that is coming out in a little over a month. Nevertheless, I don’t know what I can add on this topic that hasn’t been explored ad nauseum in the blogosphere. Wait, there is one thing I can add: Write your next book about placentas. Include graphic photos.


Below is a full list of Entrepreneurial Reluctance/e-Publishing Reticence lessons from my Top 10s blog post.

Entrepreneurial Reluctance

1. The Catalyst(s)
2. Good $ vs. Bad $
3. Risk Reduction
4. The Network Effect
5. Been There, Done That: The Serial Entrepreneur
6. The New New Thing
7. Emergence & Maslow
8. The Analogy of the Watch (moving parts)
9. A Clean Cap Table
10. Perseverance or Blinders

e-Publishing Reticence

1. False Deadlines
2. Readers & Editrs
3. Genre Opportunities
4. Target Marketing
5. Self-Promotion
6. Creating you Literary Brand
7. The Indie-zation of Literature
8. The Network Effect
9. Amazon Ranking
10. The Book Tour


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