Alternatives to SF MUNI and Meter Hikes

A Turn Signal--A Lost Art

The Turn Signal: A Lost Art

I’m breaking my once-a-week blog rule to air my frustration at 1) SF’s chosen expense increases to combat the budge crisis (park meters and MUNI…again, and 2) the woman who almost ran over me at Church and 23rd by turning left without using her turn signal. Again.

So, how about instead of taxing hard-working citizens or $-spending tourists, we find ways to tax those who have an undue negatively impact on the mostly wonderful quality of life in SF. Below are my top ten new revenue generation ideas for The City.

1. Turning without a signal
I seriously don’t care how high this fine is—it should be at least as high as parking in a bus zone.

2. Bogarting the sidewalk
Anytime a pack of slow-walking meanderers impede passage on either side, or in between.

3. Oblivious parenting
Particularly egress obstruction by strollers and public over-permissiveness.

4. Inconsiderate parking
Any car that takes up an amount of curb that could have been used for two spaces.

5. Garage additions that result in a “teaser” space
I know garage additions are already taxed, but those that result in an expanse of curb that almost but not quite bit enough for even a Mini should be taxed double.

6. Rescinding Sunday church street parking
Churches already get enough tax benefits; why do they have to make driving on Sundays hell for us non-churchgoers.

7. Skateboard permits
They’re not saving the ozone layer like bicycles; they’re just annoying.

8. Post-check lingering
(in restaurants when people are waiting for a table)
I know restaurants are private property, but I’m pretty sure in cases of overwhelming public goodlike arresting gun-wielding patrons, the city has jurisdiction.

9. Luxury taxes on specialty inks and metals
(those used for tattoos, piercings and hair dye)
Hey, I like tattoos—my partner has one. I just think a proliferation disincentive could be a win-win. And the hair dye inclusion doesn’t just impact Hight Street; it impacts Chestnut Street as well.

10. Public display of apathy
Enough said.


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