How I Became a Fan of the Placenta

The Placenta

The Placenta

A few weeks ago I held my first placenta. I had the opportunity to see my OB/GYN partner perform a caesarian section. As a former engineer, I was mesmerized by the precision of the procedure. I watched step by step as he sliced through the skin, fat, fascia, and finally the uterine wall (afterward, I told my partner that I felt I could perform a c-section in a pinch. We engineers can be somewhat delusional about the transferability of our skills). As he was sewing up and mother and child were being acquainted, the midwife let me examine the placenta—very Alien. I was and am still very much in awe.

Flash forward to last Tuesday. I get a promotional email from Ayelet Waldman about a comedy show in which she’s participating. It’s subject line: Placenta Monologues? I keyed a reply by my finger hovered above the send key.

Why did I hesitate? Because I’m not a fan. The fact is that I hate group think of any sort. I’ve never written a fan letter, nor have I ever worn a t-shirt with a star’s name or image on it (except for Ann Richards—loved Ann!). I was only on Ayelet’s email distribution because I went a book launch event for her novel: Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. She gave a great talk and it was a great book. But a fan? And yet, given my aforementioned placenta experience, how could I not respond to this email?

Required Context. Two weeks prior I had posted a blog about building a literary brand. In said blog, I used Ayelet as my primary example. A good friend saw my blog and invited me to Bob McBarton’s Luncheon Society last Friday where Ayelet was the guest speaker. A blog post + a luncheon + attendance to a comedy show = a fan.

In the end, I realized I was a fan…of the placenta. I hit send.

Comedy Show Details
Name: Afterbirth
Date: Tonight, Monday, 6/1
Time: 7pm drinks, 8pm show
Cost: $20 + 2 drinks
Where: Cobbs Comedy Club, 915 Columbus Ave., SF

I now realize that this is my second blog about Ayelet—one in which I’ve gone and promoted her show. I must be a fan.


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