Top 10s

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung on Liberty Street

Those who know me know that I like prioritized lists—particularly Top 10s. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the age of David Letterman (actually that’s not true. I grew up with Johnny Carson, and he—rather Carnac the Magnificenthad a Top 10 way before David) or maybe it’s the engineer in me, but whatever the reason, a Top 10 is a lens I use to I gain perspective on any situation or subject matter. For my next 20 blogs I will detail, one by one, the Top10s from my last eight years of entrepreneurial reluctance and e-publishing reticence.

Entrepreneurial Reluctance

1.The Catalyst(s)

2. Good $ vs. Bad $

3. Risk Reduction

4. The Network Effect

5. Been There, Done That (serial entrepreneurialism)

6. The New New Thing

7. Emergence & Maslow

8. The Analogy of the Watch (moving parts)

9. A Clean Cap Table

10. Perseverance or Blinders

e-Publishing Reticence

1. False Deadlines

2. Readers & Editrs

3. Genre Opportunities

4. Target Marketing

5. Self-Promotion

6. Creating you Brand

7. The First Review

8. The Network Effect (Take 2)

9. Amazon Ranking

10. The Book Tour


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