From Pie to Prezi

Prezi's Fractal-esque Editing Menu

Exactly one year ago today I published my last blog, fulfilling my commitment to myself to blog once a week for one year. My intent: to provide real-time insight into the trials and tribulations of funding, building, and running a technology start-up in the midst of what many believe is the worst recession since the Great Depression.

This last blog was aptly named The Economics of Piracy. I won’t delve into the title’s relevance, but I will say that had I truly really wanted to chronicle the ups and downs of entrepreneurialism, I would have continued blogging throughout 2010.

My 2010 rollercoaster made Eduardo Saverin’s Facebook saga (see The Social Network) seem like a cakewalk.  I slogged through multiple funding rounds, a company-wide furlough, and a CEO transition. And more. Then, just as I thought I saw the phoenix peeking out from the flames, I was laid off from the company I had spent seven years building.  Ka-boom!

Physically and emotionally exhausted, I decided to take 2011 off.  Or so I thought.

A few weeks after leaving Pie, I met Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi. When he started talking shop, I flinched. The last thing I wanted to hear was an entrepreneur pitch his wares. Fortunately, my Southern manners prevailed. I listened politely and even chatted him up about the future of visualization (a future in which, Peter said, Prezi would play a significant role). One thing led to another led to a discussion of open positions at Prezi. I stopped him cold. “I’m not looking for a job,” I said. “Just lake a look at the product,” he replied.

I did. Ka-boom!

I’m not sure if I’m going to start blogging again, but this amazing product/company/team has made me reconsider it. It’s made me reconsider other things as well. Like taking 2011 off.

- Drew Banks, Head of Marketing, Prezi.

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